Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

When it comes to gadgets my dad has always wanted to have the latest and greatest. One of his more recent big-boy-tech-toys is his iPhone. Dad's financial adviser was showing him the iPhone a while back and he enthusiastically showed Dad everything it could do. Within a week Dad had his own iPhone and within a month he had given each of his kids a gift certificate to get  iPhones for ourselves.
I will have to admit that at the time I was not overly enthused because the gift of the iPhone meant that I would have to change to a different service provider, begin a new contract period and incur greater expenses. Gee, thanks, Dad! However, in hindsight it was a smart move. At least when Dad calls with a question about the workings of his phone I have some clue (unlike when he calls me about his Apple computer) and I have an iPhone in hand and can talk him through things step by step. For example, he often calls people in error, by trying to delete their listing on the 'Recents' screen. Since this screen is different than the Voicemail screen, he gets confused and needs me to point him to the 'Clear' button.
There are many times that I can't get Dad on his iPhone. Sometimes he turns the ringer off (as do I) in error when he pockets the phone. Other times, the volume of the speaker is turned down inadvertently as he handles the phone. I do the same thing and know, when we finally connect, how to help him to 'fix' his phone.

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