Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Many Ways Can You Say "Hello"?!

Dad calls me. A lot! I think he calls frequently so he won't forget what it is he wants to tell me, or ask me. (Although tonight he called, and when I called him back he couldn't remember why he had called!) Since his girlfriend moved in the number of calls have diminished. Some days.  She told me that she will often try to put him off from calling, at least for a while.

Yesterday I was gone for about two hours. I had four messages on the answering machine from Dad. They were all virtually the same: "Hey, this is Dad. I'm getting an error message on my computer that I don't understand. Give me a call when you get home."

Each call was made to my home phone. He didn't think to call my cell.

Another day, while at home,  I had four calls within minutes of each other. Two on the home phone, one on my cell phone and one on my husband's cell phone. We talked each time. I'm not even sure if he realized that he called me on different phones.

I find it very interesting that some days Dad seems to only use one of my phone numbers, and other days he uses all numbers. Maybe it's because he is using an autodial feature and isn't paying attention to which number he selects. Who knows. It's still nice to be able to connect so easily!

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