Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Static Guard

Dad gets caught up on things, like dog hair that is caught on your hem by static electricity. He will call to ask for help with something. Yesterday it was luggage tags. He wanted to print out some tags for a trip he is taking in six weeks. In my way of thinking he certainly doesn't need those tags at this time and he probably has other things that need to be done, but his mind has gotten stuck on this task.

It happens frequently. I used to try to redirect Dad to a more pertinent or timely task or activity. That would work for a bit, but, like pulling that dog hair away from your hem and letting it go,  his mind will often jump back to the task he was originally stuck on.

So now I am trying a new tactic. Ta-daa.... Static Guard! Not really, but it seems that if I help Dad deal with the issue he is stuck on then he can let it rest. In this case, I helped format and print out the luggage tags, remotely. We talked about where to put them so Dad would find them when the time was right, and I jot a note to help me remember (hey, this is a good mental exercise for my aging brain... maybe there is something in this for me, too!) Later, when the time is right and if it is necessary, I can held Dad reconnect.

For me and my dad, redirecting his mind or actions didn't always work. I'll have to see if reconnecting is a better solution. I do know that Dad seems to feel a bit better about having taken care of a particular situation that is obviously weighing on his mind, and that, in my opinion, is good.

This isn't all that different than my waking up in the middle of the night and beginning to think of a number of things I must get done. I used to have long, sleepless nights fretting about this and that. I have learned that if I get up and take care of the task, or at least write down the things that are weighing on my mind, I feel better about my situation, can let it rest and I'll fall back to sleep.

How about you? Do you or someone you know get 'stuck' on things? What do you do to move forward?

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  1. I like reading your blogs as you come up with some neat solutions and I like the way you think through what it means to him - that's what I'm trying to do with my mother too - but just beginning to learn how I think! With a lot of help now from Bob now at Alzheimers Reading Room. Keep up the good work ;)


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