Friday, February 3, 2012


I received my first letter from Dad. He seems to be having a wonderful time on his cruise. He enjoys the food and participated in a wine tasting program, which he really liked. I was tickled that he explained how the ship has a stabilizer to keep the ship steady despite heavy seas. Yup... that's the Engineer in him! Dad even gave me statistics, such as the ship having 647 crew members, 10 decks and 2 restaurants. He is enjoying the programs they have in the theater every evening. I am thinking he likes the ship better than his retirement community!

Speaking of his community, in getting Dad's mail I came across a letter from the Director of Food Services.  He explained that a committee had investigated different coffee options for the community. They selected a different coffee than that which is currently being served for the community to try. It's amazing how quickly news spreads. Look at this paragraph from the director:

This cracked me up! Not only does word travel fast, but isn't the power of suggestion amazing?!!


  1. I can relate to this story too! I am beginning to hate "charities" - which seems a contradiction in terms- but I feel they prey on the very elderly - certainly they prey on my mother - as she responds to their persistent phone calls trying to get money out of her, and their mail outs full of images of children and animals that pull at the heart strings - especially hers. Now there is their mail all over the place in her house and for a long time she was sending them money - I think now she cannot organise herself to send the money, but still says yes on the phone and they then send endless mail! Her real mail gets lost in it all. I wish I could stop the flow!

  2. I am so glad that your daddy is enjoying his cruise! That is great to hear. I know that it is something that I could never do (claustrophia), but am really glad to hear the fun stories of those that do go on cruises.

    I hope that they will get the coffee back to being something that the residents like. :)


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