Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dad's Gone

Oh, no... not 'that' way! Dad's on an extended cruise with his girlfriend! She has cruised.... a lot! In fact, she has racked up over 1500 days onboard cruise ships! Wow! That's a lot! Before she met Dad she had booked a grand tour. So, when she and Dad became an item he was able to book the cruise as well. So last week we saw them off on their grand adventure. Of course, things were a bit tense during packing. It seems that Dad and girlfriend had distinctly different ideas of what to pack. Dad would put something in the suitcase, she would take it out. Dad couldn't find the item and became anxious because he wanted to pack it. He forgot that he had packed it and she didn't divulge that she removed it and hid it! When we saw them the evening before they left, his girlfriend commented that this was similar to earlier cruises with her deceased husband where she questioned whether she wanted to be in the same stateroom with him... better yet, maybe they should be on different ships!

Despite Dad's trip I think he should join in the chat on the farmhouse porch. Maybe we can envision sitting on chaises on the lido deck for this chat! But, this week I'll have to answer for him - well, don't I always?

1. How often do you wear a skirt or dress?
OMG - this is an easy one! Dad has never worn a skirt or a dress. He isn't Scottish, so no kilt, either. Additionally, IF Dad were to wear a skirt or a dress, he'd be the laughing stock of his community - not because of his attire, but because of his skinny 'toothpick' legs! I recall only a few occasions where Dad wore shorts, and then, being an object of derision, he often changed into long pants! Of course, his loving daughter never, ever made comments about his chicken legs. That just wouldn't be proper!!!
As for me, wearing a skirt or a dress??? It's been so long I can't remember! Somehow I don't think dresses and my Ariat paddock boots look nice together. The dress just ruins the look!

2. Did you feel unmotivated after Christmas and New Years?
Dad was so busy getting ready for his cruise that I don't know if he was really that aware of the calendar. Also, he's the sort of guy that doesn't get that emotionally connected with holidays. For him, it's just another day. 
As for me... nope. Not this year. I cruised through the holidays and for once my emotional roller coaster had very few highs and lows and I am very focused on new things I want to get done. I didn't experience a slump that has happened in the past.

3. What was the last thing that made you say "Wow"?
Oh, wow! This is tough for me to figure out with Dad. Dad just lives each day as it comes. He has a very low EQ (Emotional Quotient) I'm not sure if that is a product of his upbringing, but he is pretty 'even keeled'. I'm hoping he's had some 'wow' moments on his cruise as he travels through the itinerary. If I had to guess, I'd say his last 'wow' was dinner at a great restaurant a few days before he left. We discovered a wonderful northern Italian restaurant that has a wonderful menu. I'm betting he said a few wow's about what he was eating! 
For me - easy peasy! It was tonight's sunset:

4. Do you shop with a list, or do you "wing it"?
This is easy.  Both Dad and I use lists. Lists have become Dad's survival tool. He writes notes about everything. I have a magnetic pad on my fridge, and shopping items go there. I also keep a note on my phone for things to buy or do. However, just because we have lists, it doesn't mean we don't buy tons more than what is on the list!

5. What questions would you like me to ask on our Chat? 
Dad would want to ask: What technology tool(s) do you find useful to you, and why?
My questions include: 
- What's for dinner?
- What's priority #1 in your life?

If you'd like to join the chat, visit Chats on the Farmhouse Porch


  1. Your post titled worried the dickens out of me. I thought something had happened to your daddy. I'm glad that he is OK. :) I hope that he has a fun time on the cruise.

    I love the clouds in your sunset picture. Very pretty!

    I'm here from Patrice's Farmhouse Chats. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I was a little worried about the title too! Glad everything is ok!

  3. A cruise has so-so interested me, but the problem is I have a deep fear of water. So, I guess there will be no cruises for me. I hope your dad has a grand time!

  4. I guess the dress and boots might look a bit strange together. That sunset is beautiful! I hope Dad has a good time on the cruise. I had a mental picture of him putting things in the suitcase and girlfriend taking them out. My picture was rather slapstick!Even with a list, I buy more than I need. Oh, well! Have a great week and hug those horses for me!

  5. Hope Dad and girlfriend have a great time. As for you, that is one beautiful sunset, I say WoW too!


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