Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year - What Will It Bring?

Would I want to know what the year has to offer 
if I were given a chance? 

Would knowing make things easier? 
Or more difficult? 

I'm thinking that the unexpected twists and turns our lives take
are like the spice we add to change an otherwise bland meal
into something with pizazz! 

I don't want to know. 

But.. if this year is the last I have with Dad...
I want to feel good about the time we had together.  


When Dad calls three times in ten minutes,
I'll answer the phone with a smile in my voice.

If Dad needs me to come over to help him,
I'll be there.

When Dad repeats a story,
I'll listen, with interest. 

Dad is 90. He is healthy. But life takes those unexpected turns. 
I'll put on my seatbelt. I'll be as prepared as I can be for what will come. 

May this year bring health and happiness,
peace and prosperity,
 to everyone!

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