Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Then....The Doorbell Rang

Am I boring you, yet, with stories about communicating with Dad via screen sharing? It is a big part of our day. Invariably he'll call with a question about how to do something or a concern that something is missing on his computer, or he wants to show me something he found on his computer. So we begin the screen sharing ritual. I'll prompt Dad to open iChat. (We had it set so that it would open when he turned his computer on, but he didn't like the fact that the Buddies list cluttered up his screen.) Then I'll send a request to share his screen. That causes a window to pop up on his screen and a bell begins to ring intermittently. At that point Dad has to click on the window and then click on "Accept". His screen will show on my computer and we can hear each other through the computers so I tell Dad to hang up the phone. It is a nifty way for me to help Dad do things, find things, or see things on his computer. We could also do video chat if there wasn't a computer issue that needed to be resolved. All in all, it's a great way to communicate.

Yesterday when we were in the process of getting connected, the bell rang on Dad's computer. He excused himself to answer the door.

In a movie, that would have been funny. Not so funny in real life.


  1. My mom used to answer the phone every time it rang on TV. Every time!

  2. I love reading your long did you wait for him to come back?

  3. Kim - I'm a great TV 'listener'. I am usually doing something else instead of 'watching' TV, so, (can you tell where this is going?) if a phone rings on TV, and it is one of the cell phone tones I use, I am often looking for my cell phone!

    Ain't for city gals - I was able to intercept my dad on his way to the door! Dad chuckled a bit about his misunderstanding!


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